Career Stats after PhD

New publication “UBFC PhDs 2021 IPDoc Survey early career tracking”!

The UBFC Doctoral College’s new publication on the career follow-up of its PhD students is now available!

Based on the results of a survey carried out in 2021 on the cohorts of UBFC PhDs who graduated in 2018 and 2020, this 36-page publication will provide you with information on the situation of UBFC PhDs before, during and after their thesis.

Access to the French version of the publication

Access to the English version of the publication

New APEC study on the careers of PhDs (bac+6 and above) in private companies

This new study provides from Association for managerial-level employees recruitment describes an overview of executive job opportunities for PhDs in private sector companies.

National ministerial statistics

Every year, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research publishes figures on the careers of PhDs, taken from the biennial national career monitoring surveys.

Publication 2022: “Faible impact de la crise sanitaire sur l’insertion professionnelle à trois ans des docteurs”.
Publication 2021: “Une insertion et des conditions d’emploi des docteurs plus favorables pour les diplômés de 2016 par rapport à ceux de 2014”
Publication 2020: “Les docteurs ingénieurs :le choix d’une insertion professionnelle dans le secteur privé”