17 January to 14 March: i-PhD Question Box Webinars

Here are the links to register for the next i-PhD webinars called “question boxes”:

Question box n°1: January 17 at 11:00 am “My thesis will not end up in a drawer! When and how to valorise its research work?Register now

Question box n°2: February 14 at 16:00 “How to get paid when launching a Deeptech startup? Register now

Question box 3: on March 14 at 4:00 PM “As a young researcher, doctoral student, what place can I take in a Deeptech startup? Register

If you want to know more about the i-PHD innovation competition:

From 16 January to 3 February – Online job forum PhD Job Day

For the 3rd consecutive year, the University of Lille is organising a 100% online job forum dedicated to PhD profiles.

This event is open to all PhD students and PhDs, so don’t hesitate to register and apply for the offers. It will be held from 16 January to 3 February with a great programme to prepare you for the Job Dating on 3 February! 

More than 300 job and post-doc offers for PhDs in many different fields. 

This year, 2 platforms are available: for the registration of “CV proofreading”, “Workshops”, “Career meetings” and “Round tables”, The programme is on the homepage and will be further enriched. Registration is already possible. for Job Dating. This is the professional network of the University of Lille. An “e-fair” has been specially created for the event. Doctoral students outside the ULille perimeter should contact the address indicated ( and an account will be created for them to create their profile, add their CV and apply for offers from 23 January.

You can find information on the Job Dating event at this address:

You can already register and reserve slots on or create and complete your profile on lilagora.

Replays of the Apec online event “Cap Docteurs

 Apec – Association pour l’Emploi des Cadres, organised 2 days of conferences on 23 and 24 November 2022 on the valorisation of PhDs and career development

You will find below the links to watch the replays of the proposed conferences:

Opening conference

Conference “Update on the employment of PhDs”

Conference “Careers in the public service and administration, what are the bridges?”

Conference “Extra-academic/private careers”

Conference “How to build your network, what steps to take to prepare your career?”

Conférence “PhD as entrepreneur: posture and support”

Conference “PhDs, how to use scientific expertise beyond R&D?”

Conference “Changes in the recruitment of PhDs and the skills sought”

Conference “The cross-disciplinary skills of PhDs: how to identify them?”

Conference “The international offer for PhDs”

Closing conference

MOOC doctorate and career pursuit: start of the next season on 18 January 2023

The PhDOOC association is once again offering its MOOC “Doctorat et Poursuite de Carrière” (Doctorate and Career Development) for PhD students and PhDs from all disciplines. This is a free online training course. Register now, courses start on 18 January 2023!

ABG’s online breakfast, “Doctoral skills: how to identify and develop them” on 20 January 2023

Exchange spaces, in videoconference, open the last Friday of each month, from 9 to 10:30 am.

The next session will focus on the question: “Doctoral competences: how to identify and develop them” and will take place on 20 January 2023.

Information and registration here


Reminder: Participate in the i-PhD 2023 innovation competition

To meet the major challenge of doubling the number of Deeptech startups in France, the MESRI in partnership with Bpifrance is launching the i-PhD competition. It aims to support young PhDs wishing to develop their research work and to help the creation of companies. Apply until 30 March 2023. 

Information and application on

Replay of the “Voie.e.s de docteur.e.s” Digital Afterwork specialising in International Mobility – 1 December 2022

The last meeting of the year of “Voie.e.s de docteur.e.s” was dedicated to International Mobility and was organised in partnership with the Euraxess centres of the uB and the UFC.

It was held in English on Thursday, December 1st, 2022, and was the occasion to discover the experiences of two researchers of foreign nationality hosted at the uB and the uFC and their companions, all four having benefited from the services proposed by Euraxess. :

 – Victor do Valle Pretti, Brazilian post-doc at the Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne (IMB)

– Luana Queiroz, Brazilian architect and Victor’partner

– Sebastian Ponciano Ojeda, Mexican post-doc at the Femto-st Institute

– Lina Hoyos Campo, Colombian post-doc and wife of Sebastian

 They were able to share their experience and their life in Burgundy and Franche-Comté, as well as their respective projects.

To watch the replay, click here

Latest Ministry publication on the career follow-up of PhDs in France

Find here the latest publication of the SIES (Systèmes d’information et d’Etudes Statistiques) of the MESRI, released in October 2022, concerning the insertion and employability conditions of PhDs in France, entitled “Low impact of the health crisis on the professional insertion of PhDs at 3 years”.

Replay of the ABG – IDAF Webinar: the place of PhDs in associations and foundations

The ABG in collaboration with the Institut des Dirigeants d’Associations et Fondations (IDAF), organised a webinar dedicated to the place of PhDs in associations and foundations. It allowed to discover the testimonies and advices of several speakers, PhDs working in associations and foundations of various missions and sizes.

Watch the replay of this webinar on

Online Afterwork  “PhD career paths – special PhD in HSS – entrepreneur – 5 May 2022, 5.30 pm

One Thursday every two months, PhDs in employment are invited to discuss their career path with participants to illustrate the range of possibilities after the PhD: what was their career plan during the PhD? What was their post-doctoral path to their current position? What does their job involve? How did the doctorate impact and still impacts their career path?

The next meeting will be dedicated to PhD in Humanity and social sciences, who have become entrepreneurs, and will take place on Thursday 5 May, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

You will be able to discover the careers of :

  • Séverine VIENNEY, PhD in Automatic Language Processing, currently founder and president of the company ERDIL
  • Javier PUEYO, PhD in Romance Languages, Literatures and Civilizations, currently publisher

Registration on

Note: The content of this event will be held in French, and for PhD students, your participation in the entire event may be counted at the end of the academic year in your Individual Training Plan within the limit of the maximum number of hours devoted to career development, set by your ED.

Replay of the Digital Afterwork “PhD’s paths” of Thursday 10 Februar, 5.30 pm

When PhDs talk about the possibilities after a PhD…

One Thursday every two months, working PhDs are invited to discuss their career path with participants*: what was their career plan during their PhD? What was their post-doctoral path to their current position? What does their job involve? How has the PhD impacted and still impacts their career path…?

Our last episode of “Voie de docteur-e-s” was held on Thursday 10 Februar and featured the  testimonies of :

  • Marie FERNET, PhD in private law, currently a lawyer, manager at KPMG Avocats
  • Kevin TSE VE KOON, PhD Associate professor in non linear physics.


30 Mars 2022 -Idéathon “Nourrir la créativité, les protéines végétales au service de l’alimentation humaine”

Le Pôle de compétitivité Vitagora organise un idéathon le 30 mars prochain sur le thème : comment accélérer la transition vers la consommation de protéines végétales dans l’alimentation humaine ?

Cet événement gratuit est ouvert au plus grand nombre notamment aux étudiants et doctorants.

Vous avez un goût pour l’entrepreneuriat ? L’#alimentationDurable vous intéresse ? Participez gratuitement à ce concours d’intelligence collective

🏆 A Gagner : des cash-prizes et un accompagnement professionnel.

renseignements et inscription gratuite sur

ABG 40th Anniversary Webinar: How can PhDs bring meaning back into the public debate – 2 December 2021, 11am-12.30pm

Proposed by the ABG and organised by Campus Matin, this anniversary webinar aims to illustrate the place of science and the role of PhDs in society.

Information and registration on

Opening of the MOOC “Doctorate and Career Development” of PHDOOC

The PhDOOC association offers PhD students and PhDs a MOOC, a free online tool to make them aware of existing and accessible tools and resources. This collaborative training allows them to evolve at their own pace by responding to their time and availability constraints while relying on a community.

Season 6 of the MOOC starts on 12 January 2022 but it is already possible to register at

Report of the PhDs and Administrations Initiative (DIA)

The initiative PhDs and Administrations (IDeA) is a working group composed of young public agents, PhD graduates and PhD students, whose objective is to study and publicise the opportunities for PhDs within the public service, outside the academic sector.

The aim of this report is therefore to draw up an inventory of the professional integration of PhDs within public administrations. It is an initial reflection on a little-studied subject and does not claim to be exhaustive.

Access the report online at

Replay of the Digital Afterwork “PhD’s paths” of Thursday 25 November, 5.30 pm

The last meeting of the year 2021-2022 of our series of testimonies of PhDs on their career paths was held on Thursday 25 November.

Participants were able to discover the career paths of :

– Cristina BADULESCU, PhD in Information and Communication Sciences (ICS), currently Senior Lecturer in ICS at the University of Poitiers, and Deputy Director of the IUT of Angoulême

-Yannick GERARD, PhD in cognitive psychology, currently R&D Manager at DAVI The Humanizers

Watch the replay of this event on

When PhDs talk about the possibilities after a PhD…

One Thursday a month, working PhDs are invited to discuss their career path with participants*: what was their career plan during their PhD? What was their post-doctoral path to their current position? What does their job involve? How has the PhD impacted and still impacts their career path…?

For the second meeting of the year 2021-2022, on Thursday 25 November from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, the UBFC Doctoral Mission and UBFC Alumni invite you to discover the career path of two PhDs:

Cristina BADULESCU, PhD in Information and Communication Sciences (ICS), currently Senior Lecturer in ICS at the University of Poitiers, and Deputy Director of the IUT of Angoulême

 Yannick GERARD, PhD in Cognitive Psychology, currently R&D Manager at DAVI The Humanizers

Register now on

*Please note: the content of this event will be held in French, and for doctoral students, your participation in the entire event may be counted at the end of the academic year in your Individual Training Plan, within the limit of the maximum number of hours devoted to career development, set by your ED.



 i-PhD competition and information webinar

From 24 November 2021 to 22 March 2022, the new edition of the i-PhD competition was launched for young researchers (doctoral students and PhDs) who plan to create a start-up based on an innovative technological project supported by a research lab.

Want to know more?

-Don’t miss the information webinar that will take place on December 7th at 3pm, registration on

-And get more information on this competition on the bpifrance website:



Replay of the special career afterwork “Solidarity commitment for student success »

Whether you are a PhD student or a student, have you ever thought about volunteering in solidarity activities to help young people in difficulty at school succeed?

Check out the replay of our special digital afterwork “Solidarity commitment for student success”, which took place on 17 November 2021:

In this replay, you will be able to attend a presentation of the actions implemented by the respective coordinators of 2 schemes, « les Cordées de la Réussite » and the AFEV actions, as well as testimonies of PhD students and actors invested in these programmes.

New publication of the Ministry on the employment of PhD Graduates

The latest publication of the Ministry on the employment of PhDs entitled “A more favourable insertion and employment conditions of PhDs for 2016 graduates compared to 2014 graduates” is available here

And find all the publications on the career of doctors in the “Useful resources” tab of the career toolbox

“Ressources utiles” de la boîte à outil carrière


Replay of the afterwork “VOIE DE DOCTEUR-E-S” #5 (= PhDs Career Paths)

When PhDs talk about the possibilities after a PhD…

Our last episode of “Voie de docteur-e-s” was held on Thursday 30 September and featured the  testimonies of :

o Pascaline PERSONNIER, PhD in Sports Science, currently Operational Director of the RITM-BFC project at UBFC

 o Rafael DE CAMARGO, PhD in Ecology, currently Project Manager of the Transbio Graduate School at UBFC.

(Re)watch the replay here

And if you dare to make an unsolicited application

Vitagora, the agri-food competitiveness cluster of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté and Ile-de-France regions, which has more than 550 members, offers you the opportunity to put your unsolicited applications online! To send your application to the Vitagora network, please send a CV and a cover letter (and a written agreement for their distribution) by email to:

Each month, applications are posted online for a period of 3 months.


Career resources to explore this summer !

Whether you are in the first year of your thesis or about to defend it, why not take advantage of the summer to think about your professional project by exploring resources specific to PhD career ?

– You will find below a selection of sites proposed by the Réseau National des Ecoles doctorales en Sciences pour l’Ingénieur (Redoc SPI)
Indeed, after having identified via a filter the Linkedin profiles of employees of hundreds of companies, the Redoc SPI proposes a view of the employment of PhDs in companies and administrations. Do not hesitate to consult the various resources made available after these investigations:


Replay of the Erasmus + online day: spotlight on European mobility for PhD students!

In the framework of this day dedicated to the new European mobility programme Erasmus +, you will find a webconference dedicated to the new opportunities for European mobility of PhD students (timing: +1 hour 46 min)

The focus was on the possibilities of the new Erasmus+ programme for doctoral mobility, but also on the persistent obstacles and strategies that can be put in place by institutions. It also explored the various European funding possibilities available to them, and in particular the synergy between the Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ programmes on doctoral mobility.

Access the replay on

National Barometer Young Researchers and Entrepreneurship: the results of the 2021 survey

In March 2021, PhD Talent in partnership with Bpifrance launched a survey to measure the evolution of young researchers’ relationship with Deeptech entrepreneurship.

To access a quick summary of the survey:

For more detailed results, click here

Cap PhD, A whole week dedicated to the Career of the Doctor!

Apec, in association with many partners, proposed from 21 to 25 June, a national digital event in favour of the employment of researchers, innovation and economic recovery.

On this occasion, the following themes were discussed:

  • Promotion of the measures allowing the integration of PhDs (Cifre, CIR)
  • Preparation of young researchers to promote their assets (Pitch, …)
  • Bringing together VSEs/SMEs and ETIs and PhD profiles in order to highlight their ability to adapt, including in the private sector, and their contribution in terms of innovation and value creation.

Many webconfs and workshops, and a final jobdating were proposed to deal wirh all these topics and to bring together recruiters and PhD students/graduates.

To access the different replays on demand on livestorm, click here.

Publication on the career development of UBFC PhDs

This publication is one of the first at UBFC. It is based on the results of a survey proposed every year by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, called the IPDoc survey, which aims to better understand the career follow-up of PhD graduates after obtaining their PhD. A regional variation of this study has thus made it possible to specify the situation of certain PhD graduates of Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté before, during and after their thesis.

This publication is the result of the datas obtained from this study at UBFC.

Enjoy reading it!

Access to the French version of the publication: UBFC-IPDOC-VF-BD-min

Access to the English version of the publication: UBFC-IPDOC-GB-BD-min

“The i-PhD Question Box” : 3 webinars to inform and support you on Deeptech entrepreneurship

As part of the i-PhD competition and because the path to entrepreneurship and its ecosystem can seem complex, Bpifrance has launched “The i-PhD Question Box”: a series of 3 webinars answering the major questions that young researchers and PhD students who want to launch themselves into entrepreneurship may have:

As a reminder: The i-PhD competition in a few words

The i-PhD competition aims to reward PhD students and young researchers with entrepreneurial projects involving disruptive technologies.

To find out more about the competition, visit the Bpifrance website!

Ministerial Publication on the career paths of engineers-PhDs

A note entitled “engineer-Phds: the choice of a professional insertion in the private sector” published in 2020, presents new results from the survey of PhDs who graduated in 2014 and who had previously obtained an engineering degree. It compares particularly these PhDs with those who did not obtain this degree, on their career paths before, during and after their thesis.

Open Science Passport for PhD students

The Passport to Open Science is a guide designed to support PhD students at every stage of their research career, whatever their field of study. It offers a series of best practices and tools that can be directly activated.

Information here

The PhD is finally registered in the RNCP!

Since 22 February 2019, the doctorate has been registered in the National List of Professional Certifications (official publication on 6 March in the Journal du Palais).

By defining certain skills associated with the doctorate diploma and experience, this registration aims to promote the diploma to employers in the production and service sectors, in order to encourage the recruitment of PhDs by the socio-economic world.

Consult all the skills associated with a doctorate expected on the job market (by typing doctorate in the search engine) at :

Note: 22 certifications concern the doctorate, but the skills are the same whatever the certifications