From 20 to 22 March, online: APEC Cap Docteurs event

The Cap Docteurs webinars are back: the aim over these 3 days is to share information with experts on the value of the PhD and to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of this degree and its key role in the innovation ecosystem and in the private sector.
Below are all the registration links (the 1st to access the full programme, the following by theme):
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How can I finance my doctorate? Wednesday 20 March 9.30am-11am

Changes in doctoral recruitment and the skills expected by recruiters -Wednesday 20 March 14:00-15:30

PhD students and PhDs, building your network -Thursday 21 March 9.30am-11am

PhD’s international experience – Thursday 21 March 2pm-3.30pm

Careers in the civil service and administration: what are the gateways? -Friday 22 March 9am-10.30am

PhD Entrepreneur: posture and support – Friday 22 March 14h-15h30

*Please note: the content of these events will be in French.

New publication “Doctorat et suivi de carrière des docteur.e.s UBFC”!

The UBFC Doctoral College’s new publication on the career follow-up of its PhDs is now available!

Based on the results of a survey carried out in 2021 on the cohorts of UBFC PhDs who graduated in 2018 and 2020, this 36-page publication will provide you with information on the situation of UBFC PhDs before, during and after their thesis.

Access to the French version of the publication

Access to the English version of the publication

APEC new study on the careers of PhDs (bac+6 and above) in private companies

This new study provides from Association for managerial-level employees recruitment describes an overview of executive job opportunities for PhDs in private sector companies.

New video promoting doctoral studies

Coordinated by the doctoral College from Burgundy-Franche-Comte, this video was filmed over the last few months on the campuses of our region with the assistance of the establishments and teams. Aimed primarily at second-year university students and 3rd-year engineering students, it attempts to remove any barriers to access, through the personal accounts of PhD students and PhDs from the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region.

Watch this video at

Video “Entrepreneurship as a PhD student is possible with the Pépite France network”

PhD student ? Young researcher? Do you have an idea? Perhaps entrepreneurship is for you and can help you make the most of your PhD experience! -Come and find out how the Pépite France network can help you develop your project, whether or not it is related to your field of research! Watch the video at

Replay of the event “New Perspectives for Higher Education and Research: Crossroads on academic careers in a world in transition”

The New Perspectives for Higher Education and Research Day 2023 is a key annual event for outlining the landscape of the academic sector and debating the major issues and challenges that drive it, through round tables, presentations and debates. The first edition was held on 19 October at the Université Paris-Saclay. Watch the replay at:

Series of video clips on open science

Produced by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and realised by the Committee for Open Science and the University of Lille, this series of video clips provides a fun and educational way of discovering the world of open science and the issues involved. They are supported by feedback from young researchers in the following five episodes:

  • What is open science?
  • Open resources to discover
  • Data management and the life cycle of research data
  • Open access theses
  • Disseminating scientific work through open access

They are available in French and English, with subtitles, on the Open Science Committee’s channel:

Viewing these capsules can be complemented by all the resources in the “Passport to Open Science” collection: the Passport itself and its thematic booklets “Codes and software” ( and “Enter the debate” (

Publication of the guide “Dissertations, theses, publications: Let’s be accessible!

The “Dissertations, theses, publications: let’s be accessible!” guide aims to raise awareness among students from their initial research work (Masters, PhD) of the existing means of facilitating the accessibility of the content they will be required to produce, right from the design stage. Coordinated by institutional players in the world of public scientific publishing and scientific information training, this guide was drawn up by a panel of experts in the field of accessibility (INSEI, VP accessibility and university digital accessibility referents, students and student associations involved in the field of accessibility in particular).

Practical and concise, it offers practical advice on making scientific publications accessible.

The Guide can be consulted online at:

Replay Digital Afterwork “Voies de docteur-e-s” of 27 April 2023

During the “Voies de docteur.e.s” afterwork sessions, working PhDs are invited to talk to participants about their career paths, to illustrate the range of possibilities after a doctorate.

For our last “Voies de docteur.e.s” event, we gave free rein to our partner FI Match, a branch of Fi Group, which specialises in advising on public funding strategies for R&D&I.

In this replay, you can rediscover the career of Antoine Vincent, PhD and computer engineer, currently head of scientific expertise at FI Group

Replays of the Apec online event “Cap Docteurs

 Apec – Association pour l’Emploi des Cadres, organised 2 days of conferences on 23 and 24 November 2022 on the valorisation of PhDs and career development

You will find below the links to watch the replays of the proposed conferences:

Opening conference

Conference “Update on the employment of PhDs”

Conference “Careers in the public service and administration, what are the bridges?”

Conference “Extra-academic/private careers”

Conference “How to build your network, what steps to take to prepare your career?”

Conférence “PhD as entrepreneur: posture and support”

Conference “PhDs, how to use scientific expertise beyond R&D?”

Conference “Changes in the recruitment of PhDs and the skills sought”

Conference “The cross-disciplinary skills of PhDs: how to identify them?”

Conference “The international offer for PhDs”

Closing conference

Latest Ministry publication on the career follow-up of PhDs in France

Find here the latest publication of the SIES (Systèmes d’information et d’Etudes Statistiques) of the MESRI, released in October 2022, concerning the insertion and employability conditions of PhDs in France, entitled “Low impact of the health crisis on the professional insertion of PhDs at 3 years”.

Replay of the ABG – IDAF Webinar: the place of PhDs in associations and foundations

The ABG in collaboration with the Institut des Dirigeants d’Associations et Fondations (IDAF), organised a webinar dedicated to the place of PhDs in associations and foundations. It allowed to discover the testimonies and advices of several speakers, PhDs working in associations and foundations of various missions and sizes.

Watch the replay of this webinar on

Replay of the special career afterwork “Solidarity commitment for student success »

Whether you are a PhD student or a student, have you ever thought about volunteering in solidarity activities to help young people in difficulty at school succeed?

Check out the replay of our special digital afterwork “Solidarity commitment for student success”, which took place on 17 November 2021:

In this replay, you will be able to attend a presentation of the actions implemented by the respective coordinators of 2 schemes, « les Cordées de la Réussite » and the AFEV actions, as well as testimonies of PhD students and actors invested in these programmes.

New publication of the Ministry on the employment of PhD Graduates

The latest publication of the Ministry on the employment of PhDs entitled “A more favourable insertion and employment conditions of PhDs for 2016 graduates compared to 2014 graduates” is available here

And find all the publications on the career of doctors in the “Useful resources” tab of the career toolbox

“Ressources utiles” de la boîte à outil carrière


And if you dare to make an unsolicited application

Vitagora, the agri-food competitiveness cluster of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté and Ile-de-France regions, which has more than 550 members, offers you the opportunity to put your unsolicited applications online! To send your application to the Vitagora network, please send a CV and a cover letter (and a written agreement for their distribution) by email to:

Each month, applications are posted online for a period of 3 months.


Career resources to explore this summer !

Whether you are in the first year of your thesis or about to defend it, why not take advantage of the summer to think about your professional project by exploring resources specific to PhD career ?

– You will find below a selection of sites proposed by the Réseau National des Ecoles doctorales en Sciences pour l’Ingénieur (Redoc SPI)
Indeed, after having identified via a filter the Linkedin profiles of employees of hundreds of companies, the Redoc SPI proposes a view of the employment of PhDs in companies and administrations. Do not hesitate to consult the various resources made available after these investigations:


Ministerial Publication on the career paths of engineers-PhDs

A note entitled “engineer-Phds: the choice of a professional insertion in the private sector” published in 2020, presents new results from the survey of PhDs who graduated in 2014 and who had previously obtained an engineering degree. It compares particularly these PhDs with those who did not obtain this degree, on their career paths before, during and after their thesis.

Open Science Passport for PhD students

The Passport to Open Science is a guide designed to support PhD students at every stage of their research career, whatever their field of study. It offers a series of best practices and tools that can be directly activated.

Information here

The PhD is finally registered in the RNCP!

Since 22 February 2019, the doctorate has been registered in the National List of Professional Certifications (official publication on 6 March in the Journal du Palais).

By defining certain skills associated with the doctorate diploma and experience, this registration aims to promote the diploma to employers in the production and service sectors, in order to encourage the recruitment of PhDs by the socio-economic world.

Consult all the skills associated with a doctorate expected on the job market (by typing doctorate in the search engine) at :

Note: 22 certifications concern the doctorate, but the skills are the same whatever the certifications