From the launching of your defense to the diploma delivrance

Authorisation to defend a thesis is granted by the president of UBFC, upon notice of the doctoral school director and proposal by the thesis supervisor.

The procedure has to be launched on ADUM at least two months before the provisional defense date, and includes several steps :

– designation of reporters

– proposal of a jury

– electronic filing of the thesis manuscript before defense

– requesting for being authorised to defend

– defence

– electronic filing of the thesis manuscript, after corrections if necessary, after defense

– withdrawal of the doctoral diploma

Please note : It is important that you use the UBFC cover page template and that you indicate, following the defense, which member of the jury has been appointed as president of the jury.

You must prepare your defence with your thesis supervisor, and then enter the details in your ADUM profile.

The full procedure can be viewed here.

The request form for being authorised to defend is available in your ADUM personal space.

We invite you to consult the following document to guide you through the procedure :

In camera thesis defense
In exceptional cases, defence may be held in camera for confidentiality reasons. In that case, the thesis supervisor will send the DS the request form for authorisation to defend a thesis in camera here, for the DS director to give his/her recommendation and the president of UBFC to make a decision.
Confidentiality agreements for the reviewers, the jury members and eventual guests are at your disposal in your ADUM personal space if you did check the “confidential thesis” box while preparing your defense. If you can’t find these documents, please get in touch with your doctoral school.

Total or partial videoconference defense

If one, several or all of the members of the jury are unable to attend, the defense can be done totally or partially by videoconference. This must be indicated at the time of launching your defense procedure in ADUM.

Two documents are handed to you after defence: a certificate of achievement and your diploma. 

The certificate of achievement

Your thesis supervisor or the defense president must hand in the defence transcript within 15 days of defence. Then only will it be possible to issue your certificate of achievement and hand it to you.

PLEASE MAKE GOOD NOTE that no duplicate will be issued.

The diploma

The diploma will be handed to you on condition that:

  • your thesis supervisor or defense president hands in the defence transcript (as quickly as possible following defence)
  • you file an electronic copy of your thesis manuscript on ADUM, and hand in a hard copy of it at your DS, and complete in the “Filing of a defended thesis form” on ADUM


Once your diploma has been issued and signed by the Rectorate, you will be contacted for you to go and withdraw it.

The issuance of the diploma follows the procedure described here.

Legal filing and dissemination of the thesis


Regulatory obligations


Defence institutions have an obligation to disseminate theses via their intranet.

If your thesis is under a confidentiality clause, the obligation will be applied once the confidentiality clause has reached its legal end.

Your thesis will also be mentioned in various catalogues or portals; institutions habilitated to issue the doctoral diploma are legally obliged to mention defended theses.

The files you will submit will be transmitted to the Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur (CINES), which archives doctoral theses in a perennial way. Safekeeping of theses is mandatory, even if they are under a confidentiality clause.

Dissemination on the internet

In addition to regulatory obligations, you may opt for the free dissemination of your thesis on the internet.

You will choose to do so or not when you fill in the “Filing of a defended thesis” form.

The route followed by your thesis

What you will have to do after defence

Within a maximum of three months after the defense, you must deposit your thesis manuscript for archiving and distribution.

You deposit the final electronic version in your personal ADUM space, then a paper version of the manuscript at the secretariat of your doctoral school. You fill in the thesis submission form on ADUM, which contains information about the thesis (metadata, abstracts, keywords), bibliographic information and a certificate of electronic conformity. A certificate of corrections is also attached. Indeed, the jury may ask for corrections after the defense. These corrections must be made by yourself and certified by your thesis director.


IMPORTANT : It is this deposit which initiates the procedure for printing the diploma. Otherwise, the administrative office does not receive any information allowing it to print the diploma.