Find in this section all the useful documents for the preparation of your Habilitation to Direct Research and throughout your doctorate, from registration to the withdrawal of the diploma, including the defence of the thesis.


Doctoral charter UBFC

Doctoral charter UBFC

Doctoral student guide

Doctoral student guide

Enrollment /Re-enrollment in PhD

Enrollment /Re-enrollment procedure

Doctoral Thesis Charter (available on ADUM)

Individual training agreement (document to be filled in from your personal ADUM space)

Request form for temporary interruption

Master’s degree exemption

Master’s degree exemption procedure

International thesis co-supervision

Model agreement for international co-supervision of a thesis

Doctoral defence

Doctoral defence procedure

Request for authorisation to hold a thesis defence in camera (available on ADUM)

Confidentiality agreement committee members (available on ADUM)

Confidentiality agreement reporters (available on ADUM)

Confidentiality agreement Guests (available on ADUM)

PhD Thesis-HDR defence procedure with part of the committee in videoconference

Delegation of signature – Jury member in videoconference

Proof of absent committee member

Defence minutes (available on ADUM)

Defence Report (available on ADUM)

Doctor’s degree diploma delivrance procedure

Cover page for thesis manuscript

Submission of a defended thesis

European doctorate Label

European doctorate Label procedure

European doctorate label application form (document to be filled in from your personal ADUM space)

Financial aid

Reimbursement of missions

A mission is a business trip

NB : We invite you to contact the secretariat to know the specific rules of your DS.

Before you leave on mission, you must :

  • Establish a Mission Order at no cost to your institution (UFC, uB, UTBM, ENSMM or AgroSup), sign it and have it signed
  • Complete, sign and have signed the request for business travel authorisation as a UBFC mission order (SPIM form / form other DS)
  • Send these two documents to the secretariat of your DS

If you are being reimbursed for the first time, you must also complete and send to the ED the document Natural person to be created, together with your bank details

If you are making a journey for the first time with your own vehicle, you must also provide a copy of your vehicle registration document, your insurance certificate and your driving licence.

When you return from your mission, you must :

  • Send the ORIGINAL supporting documents (toll ticket, parking ticket, train or plane ticket, meal ticket, etc.) to the DS secretariat
  • Specify any corrections to be made to your initial declaration

Direct aid

Each doctoral school offers its doctoral students different types of aid (printing aid, purchase of books, etc.), so we invite you to contact the secretariat of your DS to find out the rules specific to your DS.

To benefit from direct support, you must submit an application to the secretariat of your DS.

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