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Replay of the “Voie.e.s de docteur.e.s” digital afterwork of 27 April 2023

When doctors talk about the range of possibilities after a doctorate

During the “Voies de docteur.e.s” afterwork sessions, working doctors are invited to talk to participants about their career paths, to illustrate the range of possibilities after a doctorate.

For our last “Voies de docteur.e.s” event, we gave free rein to our partner FI Match, a branch of Fi Group, which specialises in advising on public funding strategies for R&D&I. In this replay, you can rediscover the career of

Antoine Vincent, doctor and comp

Replay of the “Voie.e.s de docteur.e.s” digital afterwork on international mobility – 1 December 2022

The last “Voies de docteur.e.s” event of the year was dedicated to International Mobility and was organised in partnership with the Euraxess centres of uB and UFC.

It was held in English on Thursday 1 December 2022, and was an opportunity to discover the careers and experiences of two researchers of foreign nationality hosted at uB and uFC and their spouses, all four having benefited from the services offered by Euraxess. :

– Victor do Valle Pretti, Brazilian post-doc at the Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne (IMB)

– Luana Queiroz, Brazilian architect and Victor’s partner

– Sebastian Ponciano Ojeda, Mexican post-doc at the Institut Femto-st

– Lina Hoyos Campo, Colombian post-doc and Sebastian’s wife

They were able to share their experiences and their lives in Burgundy and Franche-Comté, as well as their respective projects.

Replay of “Voies de docteur·e·s “special entrepreneurship, of 5th april 2022

When PhDs talk about the possibilities after a PhD…

This episode brings the testimonies of :

  • Séverine VIENNEY, PhD in Automatic Language Processing, currently founder and president of ERDIL
  • Javier PUEYO, PhD in Roman Languages, Literatures and Civilisations, currently publisher and owner of Orbis Tertius.

Replay of the digital Afterwork “Voies de docteur.e.s” (= PhDs Career Paths)

This episode of “Voie de docteur-e-s” was held on Thursday 10 Februar and featured the  testimonies of :

  • Marie FERNET, PhD in private law, currently a lawyer, manager at KPMG Avocats
  • Kevin TSE VE KOON, PhD Associate professor in non linear physics.


Replay of the digital Afterwork “Voies de docteur.e.s” (= PhDs Career Paths) – Thursday 25 November, 5.30 pm

When PhDs talk about the possibilities after a PhD…


For the last meeting of the year 2021-2022, on Thursday 25 November from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, the UBFC Doctoral Mission and UBFC Alumni invite you to discover the career path of two PhDs:

Cristina BADULESCU, PhD in Information and Communication Sciences (ICS), currently Senior Lecturer in ICS at the University of Poitiers, and Deputy Director of the IUT of Angoulême

 Yannick GERARD, PhD in Cognitive Psychology, currently R&D Manager at DAVI The Humanizers

Register now on

*Please note: the content of this event will be held in French, and for doctoral students, your participation in the entire event may be counted at the end of the academic year in your Individual Training Plan, within the limit of the maximum number of hours devoted to career development, set by your ED.



Replay de l’afterwork carrière spécial “Engagement solidaire pour la réussite des élèves”

Doctorant·e ou étudiant·e, l’engagement bénévole dans des activités solidaires vous a déjà traversé l’esprit ? Vous souhaiteriez développer cet engagement citoyen au travers d’une expérience humaine et relationnelle riche, au profit de la réussite de jeunes en difficulté scolaire ? Vous êtes curieux·se des dispositifs qui peuvent vous être proposés pour passer à l’action ?

Revoyez le replay de notre afterwork digital spécial « Engagement solidaire pour la réussite des élèves », qui s’est tenu le 17 novembre 2021 de 17h30 à 19h ! 

Proposé par la Mission doctorale d’UBFC et UBFC Alumni, cet événement a mis à l’honneur deux dispositifs (intégrés au catalogue des formations doctorales transversales), qui permettent à tout·e étudiant·e de s’engager auprès d’élèves : Les cordées de la Réussite et les actions de l’AFEV (Association de la fondation étudiante pour la ville).

Dans ce replay, vous pourrez assister à une présentation des actions mises en œuvre par leur coordinateurs respectifs, ainsi que des témoignages de doctorants et d’acteurs investis dans ces programmes

Replay of the afterwork “VOIE DE DOCTEUR-E-S” #5 (= PhDs Career Paths)

When PhDs talk about the possibilities after a PhD…

Our last episode of “Voie de docteur-e-s” was held on Thursday 30 September and featured the  testimonies of :

o Pascaline PERSONNIER, PhD in Sports Science, currently Operational Director of the RITM-BFC project at UBFC

 o Rafael DE CAMARGO, PhD in Ecology, currently Project Manager of the Transbio Graduate School at UBFC.

(Re)watch the replay here

Replay of the Afterwork “Voie de docteur.e.s” #4

When PhDs talk about the possibilities after a PhD…

One Thursday a month, working PhDs are invited to discuss their career path with participants*: what was their career plan during their PhD? What was their post-doctoral path to their current position? What does their job involve? How has the PhD impacted and still impacts their career path…?

Our 4th episode (the last one before summer break) took place on Thursday, July 1st, 2021, and was dedicated to PhDs, who turned entrepreneurs.

The replay of this afterwork is online here, and you will be able to listen to the testimonies of :

  • Jennifer LANGLOIS, PhD in Food Science, who became a brewer and created the Microbrewery de la Roche-Aigüe
  • Gaël MATTEN, PhD in Mechanics, currently CEO & Co-founder of Vibiscus company

This event was also a great opportunity to learn more about the territorial devices and structures of support to entrepreneurship, through the interventions of :

  • Pascale BRENET, Vice-President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté
  • Pierre-Alain TRUAN, Innovation Delegate at Bpifrance
  • Bénédicte MAGERAND, Director of the DECA-BFC Regional Incubator

Replay of the afterwork “VOIE DE DOCTEUR-E-S” #3 (= PhDs Career Paths)

Our 3rd episode of “Voie de docteur-e-s” was held on Thursday 27 May, and featured the testimonies of

  • Emmanuel CHEVET, PhD in Contemporary History, currently Cabinet Officer – Dijon City Hall.
  • Marlen BAKALLI, PhD in Management Sciences, currently Industrial Development Officer – UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), Vienna (Austria)

(Re)watch the replay here

Replay of the afterwork “VOIE DE DOCTEUR-E-S” #2 

Our 2nd episode of “Voie de docteur-e-s” was held on Thursday 8 April, and featured the testimonies of:

  • Charlotte SINDING, PhD in Life Sciences, currently Researcher in Neurosciences of food perception at the Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior (CSGA, INRAe)
  • Gaëtan LASSERE, PhD in Image Instrumentation and Computer Science, currently consultant in Industrial Property at Laurent & Charras.

Rewatch the replay here

Replay of the afterwork “VOIE DE DOCTEUR-E-S” #1

For our first meeting in our series, on Thursday 4 March, we have gathered the testimonies of :

  • Kamal HAMMANI
    PhD in Physics, currently Associate professor in the Photonics Department of the ICB (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne), SLCO (Solitons Lasers Communication Optiques) and OSNC (Optique Submicronique et Nanocapteur) teams.
  • Camille TALPIN
    PhD in Art History, currently in charge of research development at BsB (Burgundy School of Business).

Do not hesitate to visit the replay of this event

Replay and resources of the digital Afterwork “PhD students, PhD Holders and companies: what if we got to know each other?

On February 25, this digital event organised in partnership by UBFC, Medef and Apec, was a unique opportunity:

For PhD students/graduates :
-To learn more about how companies recruit high level profiles
-To discover the expectations of recruiters and the state of the job market.

For companies :
-To learn more about the doctorate and the high level of skills of its holders, likely to answer their needs.
-To discover the incentive schemes that encourage the hiring of PhD candidates.

Watch the replay of the event

-Download the Apec presentation “Scientific employment in France, intentions and recruitment of executives”.

-Download the programme and the presentation support “The doctorate – an experience, a lot of skills and devices at the service of socio-economic actors”

Other complementary resources on the doctorate: Leaflet “Stop the clichés

Flyer “The doctorate in key figures

More than 100 participants were online, and had the opportunity to comment on the presentations and ask questions.
We are delighted with the success of this afterwork and hope to be able to offer this type of acculturation event again in the future!