The Doctoral College

The doctoral College was created on 14 December 2016 within the ComUE Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté (UBFC), under the authority of its president (legal notices from the CAC, 9 December 2016, and from the administrative board, 13 December 2016). It is in charge of defining the doctoral policy in Bourgogne Franche-Comté and ensuring that it is of good quality. Il also has missions consisting in coordinating, attuning, and federating the activities of the UBFC doctoral schools (DSs), including training programmes and administrative procedures, and is the guarantor that the Thesis Charter is abided by. It promotes dialogue between the DSs and the member institutions of the ComUE UBFC.

Doctoral College organisation and missions

The Doctoral College is presided over by the president of the ComUE UBFC, and co-presided over by the UBFC vice-president in charge of coordinating training courses and of professional integration; in this capacity, she is in charge of following up the doctoral file.
It is composed of:
• the Doctoral College director by interim, Thierry RIGAUD;
• the CAC UBFC president;
• the vice-president in charge of research and structuring projects;
• the Doctoral College project leader, Alain PUGIN;
• the directors and deputy-directors of the DS sites;
• one PhD student per DS, elected member of the DS council, designated by the DS director;
• the UBFC director of Training and professional integration;
• one UBFC staff member in charge of international relations;
• two representatives of the UBFC Doctoral Mission staff.

A Doctoral College bureau was set up to allow for operational functioning; it includes:
• the Doctoral College director;
• the Doctoral College project leader;
• the DS directors or their respective deputy-directors
• one PhD student designated by the Doctoral College among the Doctoral College PhD students;
• the UBFC Admnistrative officer for doctoral studies