Complementary Missions during the PhD

During their thesis, and in order to open up to other professional fields than academic research, PhD students may, if they wish, carry out other activities outside their strict research activity. These activities may include:

  • Teaching
  • Scientific communication/popularisation
  • Promotion of research results
  • Missions in companies

The doctoral student’s remuneration depends on the nature of the PhD student’s funding and the activity performed.

The complementary activity carried out must not exceed one sixth of the total working time.

Access a detailed information sheet from Andès on complementary missions during the PhD.

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Focus on : Missions in companies

Who is it for?

– Any PhD student who wishes to take part in a mission within a company or an organisation (administration or local authority)
– Any company/organisation that has a specific need for the skills of a PhD student

What are the missions?

– Expertise
– Monitoring
– Training
– Feasibility studies, various studies
– Management consulting
– …

What for?

– For the PhD student: to acquire a culture of the challenges and imperatives of companies world and to strengthen his/her network and experience.

– For the company : to benefit from PhDs innovative skills in the service of its projects and to strengthen its links with the academic world.

How to benefit?

– 32 days / year maximum, concentrated or spread over the year.
– This is a mission independent of the thesis work but which can be supported by the laboratory’s resources.
– If he/she is financed, the PhD student remains on the payroll of his/her university and receives a salary supplement.
– A tripartite collaboration agreement is signed between the company, the university and the PhD student to define the activities considered, their execution and evaluation procedures, and the financial contribution paid by the company.

What is the amount?

– Additional salary for the doctoral student = €220 net per month (€82.82 gross/day)
– Cost to the company = between €6000 and €8000 / year (approximately €250 / day)
– Expenses eligible for the Research Tax Credit (CIR) under certain conditions