The CIFRE scheme: Industrial agreement for training through research

What is it?

  • This is a financial support from the State given to any socio-economic structure established on the French territory which recruits a PhD student to carry out a research mission which will constitute the subject of his/her thesis.

What is it for?

  • To create and strengthen links between public laboratories and companies or local authorities.
  • To Boost the competitiveness of companies in terms of R&D by relying on the work of public research.
  • For PhD students : to acquire a dual academic and business culture, a vector for professional integration.

How much, how long?

  • The duration of a Cifre thesis cannot exceed 36 months.
  • The minimum gross salary paid to the PhD student by the company is €23,484 (average salary: €30,000).
  • The subsidy paid by the ANRT (delegated by the MESRI) to the employing structure is €14,000 / year paid.
  • Eligible companies can claim the Research Tax Credit (CIR) in addition.
  • The cost to the company can be halved

How to apply?

  • The company prepares a dossier in consultation with the laboratory and the PhD student.
  • A collaboration contract is established in parallel with the development structures of the academic institution.
  • The ANRT examines the applications as they come in.
  • The grant is paid quarterly.

Note: a PhD-Cifre is exclusively dedicated to the research project

More information

ANRT website
ANRT offers and applications platform
➢ For local authorities and associations: 1000 PhD candidates for the territories platform

➢ Information and contact at UBFC: