UBFC PhD students are represented in various institutions :

  • in the Councils of the doctoral schools

The current doctoral schools councils were set up in 2017 for a period of five years. Representatives of doctoral school students participate in the Council meetings and thus take part in the life of the doctoral school during their thesis.

  • at the UBFC Doctoral College

Each doctoral school is represented by a PhD student at the Assembly of the Doctoral College which meets twice a year. The PhD students are chosen from among the representatives on the ED (DS) Council.

Among the six doctoral student representatives at the Assembly of the Doctoral College, one doctoral student is designated to participate in the Doctoral College’s Bureaux, which take place once a month.

  • at the UBFC Academic Council

The College D of the Academic Council is made up of doctoral student representatives (6 full members and 6 alternates).

For any information on your representatives, you can contact your doctoral school.